One of the areas through which ELNET pursues her vision is through value based leadership and management training. Our pool of consultants possess decades of combined local and international training, consulting and leadership experience gained from public, private, non-profit and faith based organizations.

We seek to equip leaders of integrity with corporate governance best practices.


Our training may be tailored to meet the needs of the client but below are some of the areas we train on;

1.  Leading with Integrity and Work Ethics

2.  Character development in the workplace

3.  Executive training on leadership ethics

4.  Corporate Governance

5.  Strategic Planning

6.      Risk Management

7.  Strategic Management

8.  Operational Management

9.  Change Management

10.  Business and Organizational Development

11.  Leadership and Personal Development

12. Emerging Issues in leadership and management (ESG)

13. Emotional Intelligence

  • Self awareness – being aware of your emotions as they arise. Understand why you are being emotional and deal with it.
  • Self regulation – soothe yourself. Deal with anger. Cool down before your anger escalates and causes you problems. Deal with worry. Use relaxation techniques. Deal with negative emotions, feelings. Exercise
  • Self motivation – adopt an optimistic view of your challenges
  • Empathy – Recognize others feelings
  • Social Awareness
  • Self Management
  • Relationship Management 
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