Elnet Mentoring Group

ELNET Mentoring Group


Everyone will know a leader (Role Model) who exemplifies godly values.​


To prepare the next generation of leaders through a lifestlye of integrity and enduring values.​


This group seeks to help prepare the young people (the next generation of leaders) to become leaders of integrity. Its goal is to help the mentees generate solutions for developing their purpose in life and attain godly character. The group has developed a mentor-ship manual that mentors use to engage meaningfully with the students. the program is Christian based but open to everyone. The theme of the mentoring program is 2 Timothy 2:2 “And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses, entrust to reliable men who are also qualified to teach others”.

Record keeping is done to evaluate how the program has influenced students academically and socially. Students are given certificates to show involvement in the program. The process also encourages students to share what they are learning with others.

ELNET Mentoring Group partners with youth organizations; schools, churches, universities and communities to empower the next generation of Kenya’s leaders to be people of character, conviction and courage.

  •     Mentoring manual & training (one day; mentors-in-training and on-going support)
  •     Support student leaders mentoring
  •     Equipping teachers and lecturers

Partnership with other CCC ministries to mentor students and student leaders.

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